Winter Tires at Gary Moe Dodge

Shop for Winter Tires in Lacombe, AB

Winter hits Alberta harder than you think, which means you and your vehicle(s) need to prepare ahead for these challenging months. Part of your winter auto preparation should be to switch back to a good set of winter tires. Snow tires are specially engineered to tackle risky, slippery, snow-covered roads efficiently, as they feature deeper treads for better traction, improved stability, and enhanced handling. But where to find good quality snow tires in Lacombe, AB? Look no further than Gary Moe Dodge, where you can shop for genuine winter tires, for all makes and models, that too at cost. This means you don’t have to pay for any additional or hidden charges when you shop at our tire centre. Continue reading to learn more about winter tires and why you need them from the experts at our dealership.

Why Do You Need Winter Tires?

Snow tires make driving easier and safer on the most demanding terrains covered in ice, and slush. Because winter tires embrace deeper threads and are made of high-quality rubber compounds, they provide better grip and improved braking and handling to keep you safe against potential collision. Moreover, winter tires also feature more in-depth slits and sips that help avoid hydroplaning, as well as improve stability on tricky snow-covered roads. Some other advantages of a good set of snow tires include:

  • Help stay clear of water, slush and snow
  • Offer enhanced flexibility for better traction
  • Reduce hydroplaning
  • Provide optimum safety
  • Improved stopping distance
  • Ensure maximum contact with the road

Shop Winter Tires at Gary Moe Dodge

Besides offering winter tires for different makes and models from top brands like Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep and Ram, Gary Moe Dodge also helps you with tire swaps. You can book a service appointment using our secured form, and someone from our team of factory-trained technicians will assist you with the best of services. Our experienced technicians follow OEM recommendations and top industry-standard practices combined with our latest tools to switch the tires in minimum time, leaving you deeply satisfied and happy. Got any questions or need help with finding the perfect set of winter tires? Reach to us at 403-782-2277, today!