Tire Storage in Lacombe, AB

Store Seasonal Tires at Gary Moe Dodge

Here at Gary Moe Dodge, we provide affordable onsite seasonal tire storage services, so you don’t worry about your spare tires taking up valuable space in your basement, garage or condo. We ensure that your spare tires are kept securely in a controlled environment to retain their optimum performance and remain in top condition all year around. Follow along to learn more about the benefits of keeping your seasonal tires with us.

What Are the Benefits of Storing Your Tires With Us?

Below are some benefits that you must look forward to when you use our onsite tire storage services:

  • Convenience: Our tire storage facility has ample space to keep your tires, allowing you to create room for other belongings.
  • Extended tire life: Due to limited space, most drivers stack the tires one above the other, affecting the tires’ durability and performance. But here at Gary Moe Dodge, we place them vertically to avoid deformation and other damages to add to their life.
  • Expert handling: Our skilled technicians know how to handle and care for all kinds of tires, ensuring they remain in top-notch condition. That means you can sit back and relax, knowing your spare tires are in good hands.

Store Your Seasonal Tires at Gary Moe Dodge

Take the burden off yourself, and trust Gary Moe Dodge’s tire storage services in Lacombe, AB, to securely keep your tires when not in use. Besides safe storage space, we also provide year-round tire maintenance services to ensure your tires remain in optimal condition and are ready to roll when you need them again in the next season. Book an appointment with our team, today to learn more about our tire storage services.