Transmission Service in Lacombe, AB

Transmission Fluid Service at Gary Moe Dodge

The transmission system of your Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep or Ram plays a critical role in ensuring every part and system of the vehicle performs optimally. It makes so possible with its transmission fluid that keeps all the important sets of components lubricated and cool, taking all the stress and high-temperature away from them. At Gary Moe Dodge, we provide a wide range of automobile services, including your transmission, to ensure your car remains in top condition. We also make sure to top up or replace the transmission fluid to ensure your car’s transmission is always properly maintained and cared for, down to every last detail. Read on to learn further how a transmission service works and why you should get one for your vehicle.

We also offer other automotive services like Engine Repair & Service, Oil Changes, Battery Service, Headlight & Bulb Replacement and more.

Why Do You Need Transmission Maintenance?

The transmission is one of the most complex systems of your vehicle, which is responsible for ensuring a smooth transfer of power from the engine to all four wheels. Within the transmission system is transmission fluid that cleans, cools, and lubricates all the internal components so they run in top condition. However, over time, this transmission fluid becomes susceptible to contamination, which consequently hampers its effectiveness and efficiency, compromising the overall vehicle performance. This is why you need a transmission service to replace the impure or contaminated fluid to get your car back running smoothly.




What Are the Common Signs of Transmission Fluid Breakdown?

Wonder how you can know whether or not your vehicle needs a transmission service? Below are some common symptoms that make addressing transmission crucial before the problem escalates and becomes worse:

  • Difficulty in staying in gear or sudden change in the gear
  • Grinding or whining noise as you drive your vehicle
  • Fluid discolouration and burnt-smelling transmission fluid
  • Delayed response when trying to change hear
  • Heavy or rough gear change




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Now that you know how transmission systems work and the importance of transmission fluid, book a service at Gary Moe Dodge, where our industry-trained technicians use more than 50 years of their experience to maintain your vehicle’s overall health by working on its transmission system and replacing its transmission fluid. Got any questions? Call us at (844) 562-5908 or visit our dealership at 4450 Highway 12 East, Lacombe, AB, today!