Headlight & Taillight Bulb Replacement in Lacombe, AB

Headlight & Taillight Bulb Replacement Service at Gary Moe Dodge

Depending on how often you drive your vehicle and its condition, its headlights and/or bulbs will turn yellow, fade, flicker, or completely die out at some time. Fading, damaged, or malfunctioning bulbs can compromise your visibility, especially in dark and gloomy road conditions, leading to severe traffic accidents and collisions. This is exactly why you should get your headlight and taillight bulbs repaired or replaced at Gary Moe Dodge in Lacombe, AB. You will get your car treated by trained technicians, as well as being able to find genuine OEM replacements for your Dodge, Chrysler Jeep or Ram vehicles. Continue reading more about the importance of lights and bulbs, their average lifetime and signs to recognize when you need a headlight or bulb replacement.

How Long Do Headlight and Taillight Bulbs Last Normally?

The average lifetime of headlight and taillight bulbs primarily depends on how often you drive your car and use the lights. In simple words, the more you drive your car, the more the headlights and bulbs will exhaust. The type of bulb your Chrysler, Dodge, Ram or Jeep uses also determines how long the headlights or taillights will last. Halogen bulbs dim by up to 80% before dying completely; similarly, LED bulbs might lose as little as 20% to 30% of their brightness before coming to an end.

Moreover, the condition of the vehicle also plays an important role because a properly maintained car and its various components will perform optimally for longer. Also, it is expected that if one bulb fades out, the rest of the bulbs also tend to end within a short time.

What are the Most Common Signs of Failing Headlights or Bulbs?

The most common signs drivers should keep an eye no know whether or not their car lights bulbs are failing include:

  • Dimming or hazy lights
  • Flickering lights
  • Constant blowing fuses
  • Headlights are not functioning at all
  • Failing to turn on the lights and bulbs
  • Headlight bulb giving off a dim pink glow

How Can You Extend the Life of Your Car Headlights?

Though bulbs may fade out with time, you can ensure they perform optimally until they die naturally by keeping in mind the following tips recommended by the experts at Gary Moe Dodge.

  1. Make sure the headlights are installed correctly, because if the wiring is loose or the connections are faulty, the lights and bulbs will flicker or not work at all.
  2. To avoid a premature headlight death, avoid unnecessary usage. Turn them off during the day and use them only when the weather gets darker or cloudy.
  3. Always get your vehicle serviced on time, as an auto maintenance service will ensure that all the different components/systems, which include your headlights, taillights and other lighting systems, are functioning properly.

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