Filter Service in Lacombe, AB

Filter Maintenance at Gary Moe Dodge

Your vehicle has different filters to protect it against contaminants and harmful particles that may hinder its performance. From fuel to oil to cabin, all these filters effectively take care of you and your vehicle by filtering out impurities. Similar to other important parts and systems, air filters need your attention, too, with regular maintenance and, if need be, a replacement. Clogged or damaged filters may fail to provide proper protection to you, as well as the key systems of your car, including engine and fuel. Bring your Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge or Ram to Gary Moe Dodge, your one-stop car dealership in Lacombe, AB, where our experienced service professionals provide different types of automotive filter maintenance services. Meanwhile, continue reading to learn more about the importance of filter service. 

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Why Should You Get Your Filters Maintained?

Simply put, filter maintenance ensures that all the filters in your vehicle perform optimally and give the benefits they are supposed to. At our dealership, our certified technicians follow OEM recommendations and use up-to-the-minute tools and equipment to inspect the filters and look for any problem and/or damage that may affect their performance. Following that, our team recommends possible solutions, including cleaning the filters and replacing them if required.

What are the Different Types of Filters?

Below are some of the most common types of filters that you will find in your vehicle:

  • Engine filter: These work as a protective guard for your car’s engine to protect it against contaminants and other impurities that may affect its operation. 
  • Cabin filter: They ensure everyone aboard remains protected by eliminating as many harmful dust particles, dirt and debris as possible from entering your car’s interior. 
  • Oil filter: To keep your vehicle’s respective oil system clean and lubricated, these oil filters promote the proper flow of motor oils and other fluids in your vehicle. 

Book Filter Service at Gary Moe Dodge

Looking for quality filter maintenance service? Schedule a filter service appointment at Gary Moe Dodge. Being a one-stop car dealership in Lacombe, AB, we, along with our team of experienced technicians, provide filter services for all makes and models of Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge and Ram vehicles. For more information, call us at (844) 562-5908, today!