Remote Starters in Lacombe, AB

Automatic remote starters are the perfect future-forward development that makes the life of a driver/car owner easier and more convenient. As the name suggests, a remote starter effortlessly starts your car from a distance and thus its temperature, which comes in handy to during extreme winter in Alberta. Besides convenience, a remote starter also provides security and comfort by allowing you to not just start the engine but also lock/unlock the doors, turn on heat or AC, warm up seats, or open the trunk. If you’re looking to shop for an automatic remote car starter, visit Gary Moe Dodge, where we embrace an expansive selection of parts and accessories for your Dodge, Chrysler, Ram and Jeep vehicles. Continue reading to learn more about the benefits of automatic car starters and why you need them from the experts at Gary Moe Dodge. 

Why Do You Need a Remote Starter?

The following are a few top reasons to get a remote car starter. Take a look!

  • Starts your car remotely: A keyless remote starter lets you start your car from a certain distance. This is a true blessing, especially during winters, to warm up your vehicle and get it toast for you.
  • Helps the engine: Using a remote starter gives the engine time to warm up, eventually adding to its performance and life. Moreover, with an automatic starter, the engine doesn’t have to work harder, ensuring you enjoy enhanced gas mileage. 
  • Ease of living: Besides starting the engine, an automatic car starter also helps you locate your vehicle in crowded parking spots, as well as offers enhanced security by activating car alarm systems that you can control using your smartphone as well. 

What are the Different Types of Remote Starters?

Some different types of auto remote starters available to shop at Gary Moe Dodge include:

  • Keyless entry remote: they often replace your traditional key to start or, in general, access the vehicle. 
  • Add-on: comes attached to your car keys.
  • Remote with car alarm: controls most of your car’s functions like alarms
  • Remote starter smartphone app: it converts your smartphone into a car key and gives you access to adjust/monitor the car’s temperature, check the vehicle’s location via GPS and much more. 
  • One-button: a separate remote to lock/unlock your car

Shop Remote Starters in Lacombe, AB

Now that you know the significance of auto car starters and the types available in the market, it is time to shop for one at Gary Moe Dodge — a one-stop car dealership that offers a wide inventory of genuine and aftermarket parts and accessories for all your Ram, Dodge, Chrysler and Jeep vehicles. Got any questions? Visit our dealership at 4450 Highway 12 East, Lacombe, AB, or call us at (844) 563-0929, today!